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There are two types of diseases, viz., nij? and aganthuka. These two can again be sub-divided thus : nija into sarirotha and chittotha; and aganthuka into drishta nimittaja and adrishta nimittaja. Bodily diseases are of four kinds, viz., those caused by vata, those caused by pitha, those caused by kapha and those caused by sannipatha[…] . . . → Read More: Types of Diseases

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on Chaitra Poornima. This year it falls on 8th April. This day is celebrated as Birth Anniversary of Lord Hanuman Ji. Hanuman Ji is 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva […] . . . → Read More: Shri Hanuman Jayanti 2020

OM GURVE NAMHA Hello, Friends today we will discuss how to change your time as advised by Saints. ” APNA TIME AAYGA ” HOW TO MAKE YOUR TIME POSITIVE Your real time what you are facing now.How to change your time. As everybody knows Clock is medium to measure time.How to change your time. How […] . . . → Read More: Apna Time Aayga

OM GURUVE NAMHA Vastu for Houses FACING OF HOUSE :– Every house is East Facing house irrespective of what direction it faces. Always ensure that east side of your house is perfectly clean .The God is in the East side .No garbage or waste items of the house should be dumped there. Make it maximum […] . . . → Read More: Vastu Tips

All About Progeny Om Gurve Namaha Right Full Obligation Of mother:- 1. To check obligation of mother check Asc,4th house and 7th house. Figures of Indian Goddess also shows mother their breast full developed and contains lot of milk for child. 3.Buttocks of women should be well developed to carry the child in the womb […] . . . → Read More: All About Progeny

Shashti Nature of the Shastiamsa Devatas Given below are the names of the Shastiamsa Devatas. The order below applies for only ODD signs. The order is reversed for EVEN signs. Although the Jyotish classics such as Brhat Parashari Hora Shastra, Sarvartha Chintamani, Jataka Tattva etc. have given the names of the Shastiamsa, there are […] . . . → Read More: Nature of the Shastiamsa Devatas

Problems and troubles in career Introduction Career and professional life forms one of the most important part in contemporary world. It becomes the main framework of the society organization and management. Vedic shastras base the profession on karma and Varna’s, where each action causes an equal reaction, and each human being should perform action based […] . . . → Read More: Problems and troubles in career

Western Synastyry Om Gurve Namaha Relation of Rahu or Ketu with any planet in the partner’s chart shows karmic bondage between partners, is it good or bad and life of relationship. Follow the following step:- See in which sign in your chart Rahu and Ketu are. Now check for the planets following your Rahu or […] . . . → Read More: Western Synastyry