Astrological kits

Astrological kits

Astrological Products: Gemstone wear as per the astrological calculation and birth star bases for more info please call on this No +91 9501006066

Aries lagan or Aries moon

Keeping a Ganesha statue and bell is very auspicious.
To increase the money flow and gains they should keep a tortoise in the jewellery box or office.

Taurus lagan or Taurus moon

Keeping a lord Shiva with Nandi is beneficial remedy for Taurus lagna persons.
For overcoming financial problems and increase in contacts and gains elephant and fish is recommended.

Gemini lagna or Gemini moon

Keeping a Shree Yantra is very auspicious and praying on same every day brings lots of prosperity.
Keeping a crystal lotus in treasury or office helps in finance and gains.

Cancer lagna or Cancer moon

Worshipping Sun in the form of Shivalingam is very auspicious and best remedy for cancer lagna people. Drinking water in copper glass is recommended.Keeping a kamdhanu cow is treasury brings overall prosperity.

Leo lagna or Leo moon

Worshipping Mother Durga who is sitting over a lion helps a leo lagna person in every aspect of life. Keeping a garuda with Visnuji or a horse is remedy to overcome financial troubles.

Virgo lagna or Virgo moon

A statue of Shiva meditating is highly auspicious for virgo people and a kamdhenu cow in treasury or office helps to overcome financial matter.

Libra lagna or libra moon

Keeping a lord Shiva with his entire family Kartikay, Ganesha and Gauri is very auspicious for them. To overcome financial problems and have gains keep a lion in the treasury

Scropio lagna or scropio moon

Keeping a statue of lord Vishu or their own guru is highly auspicious.Keep a horse in your treasury or jewellery box

Sagittarius lagna or moon

Keeping a Ganesha idol is very auspicious for them. An owl in their treasury helps to attract money. They can also have an image of dasmahavtaar of visnu.

Capricorn lagna or capricorn moon

Keeping an image of lord Shiva as a teacher is highly recommended. Keep a symbol of fish to overcome money and financial problems

Aquarius lagna or aquarius moon

Keeping an image of mother Durga is highly auspicious. An elephant in the treasury box will help you in attracting money, comforts and luxuries

Pisces lagna or pisces moon

Worshiping Sun god in the form of Shiva is highly auspicious. To attract comforts and luxuries, keep a Turtle in the treasury box