Apna Time Aayga


HOW TO MAKE YOUR TIME POSITIVE Your real time what you are facing now.How to change your time. As everybody knows Clock is medium to measure time.How to change your time. How to change a difficult/bad time. First of all check your wristwatch and all other watches are running properly if any watch is stationary or faulty get it repaired so that all are working. If the clock is not running that side is blocked. Time is never bad. Always say my time is good. My time is as per my deeds. Never criticize time always start speaking my time is good, very good, it is your time.” Apna Time Aayga “.
If your time is good donate the time clock in Temple/Hospital wherever it is required.. So when time is good donate time if you want that your good time should last long. Donate time to the needy wrist watch, table clock or wall clock. Now the question is what time to donate it is based on Moon /Mood —Utilize Pratipada of the new moon day after Amavas. Whatever day is there use that day Hora or in Moon /Jupiter Hora. Your good time will continue due to your donation. Or start using a new wristwatch or table clock on that day.
If you see your time is not so good and wish to change your time than wall clock of your bed room / wrist watch /wall clock of your office you can change. Remove the old Clock and keep it on the side on Saturday of Krishna Paksha in Saturn Hora and on Sukhal Paksha Pratipada i.e on New Moon day in Moon Hora or day Hora fix new wall clock.
Ensure all your clocks are always running. You can through the old clock in running water or can give to any needy person. See how your good times continue/or your not good time starts running very good.


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