There are two types of diseases, viz., nijа and aganthuka. These two can again be sub-divided thus : nija into sarirotha and chittotha; and aganthuka into drishta nimittaja and adrishta nimittaja. Bodily diseases are of four kinds, viz., those caused by vata, those caused by pitha, those caused by kapha and those caused by sannipatha.

The classification of diseases suggested in the above slokas can be represented thus :
Diseases arising in the body may also be due to a combination of vata and pitta, vata and kapba and pitta and kapha. Thus there are seven variations of bodily troubles arising from (1)vata, (2) pitta, (3) kapha, and a combi nation of (4) vata and pitia, (5) vata and kapha, (6) pitta and kapha and (7) vata, pitta and kapha.
Nija disease
The bodily diseases (sarirotha) can be determined by considering the strength of the 8th house, its lord, the planet aspecting or occupying it.  Anger fear, sorrow, desires and such emotions bring about mental diseases. They have to be determined by considering the relationship between the lords of the 5th and the 8th.
To the 5th house is allocated to Manas or mind. By relationship is meant the disposition of the lords of the Sth and 8th in mutual aspect, association, kendras, etc. Chithottas are diseases arising from emotional disturbances as different from bodily peculiarities. The ancients, it will be seen, clearly recognised the distinction between the mental or psychic disturbances and physical or bodily ailments.
Agunthaka disease 
The drishtanimittaja diseases — curses, incantations and falls from elevation — should be ascertained from the 6th, its lord or the planet aspecting the 6th or the planet occupying the 6th. If the lords of the 6th and 8th are related, then the intensity of the diseases will be much. The adrishitanimittaja diseases should be known from the attack of evil spirits.
NOTES. There are two types, viz., drishta-nimittaja and adrishtanimittaja. To the former category belong the curses of great men, elders, parents, Gurus, etc., the incantations (Kshudra, Mantras) of enemies and sudden fall from elevations and
Examine the 6th lord, the planets aspecting the 6th and the planets occupying the 6th. Consider the strongest and determine the disease. If the 6th and 8th lords are related i.e., in mutual aspect, association, etc.), then the effect of the curses, incantations, etc., will be powerful and the native will have to constantly suffer. The adrishtanimittaja diseases are said to be brought about by spirits, devils, hobgoblins, ghosts, etc. (Badhaka Grahas).


The unfortunate combination called Garalamga will be found when birth (Lagna) has Ravi and Chandra in it during the time of a Solar Eclipse. When the Newmoon day has the name of Kuhu and also when the birth falls in the Sandhi of Newmoon day when the Vishaghatika prevails. This combination produces imprisonment, sorrow, known and unknown complicated diseases and dangers
to life.
Garala in Sanskrit means Visha or poison and a combination named after poison has an unfortunate tendency to make the Native born under its influence miserable in every way. Amavasya is the name for the newmoon day.


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