Hanuman Jayanti 2020

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on Chaitra Poornima. This year it falls on 8th April. This day is celebrated as Birth Anniversary of Lord Hanuman Ji. Hanuman Ji is 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva.

It is said that once Rishi Vishva Mitra cursed Anjani Maan for disturbing Him in his Rituals .He cursed her that she will give birth to a monkey. Following which Maan Anjani worshiped lord Shiva to seek His blessings and get rid of the curse and also prayed Him to be part of His son so Lord Hanuman Ji is Avtar of Lord Shiva.
It is well known that Hanuman Ji is Son of Kesri Nandan (  Vanaar –Raj)
Another theory is that King Dasratha while doing Putarkamesthi Yagya to have children received some sacred Payasam, however a kite snatched a portion of it and Pawan Dev gave it to Maan Anjani following which Lord Hanuman was born i.e. why He is also known as Pawan Putar. Hanuman Ji if worshiped as deity has power to save you against all evils. If you worship Him as “Anjani Putar “ mantra is “ OM NAMHO BHAGVATE ANJANE AAI MAHA BALAYE SWAHA “ He will fight for you even against SHRI RAM. Devotees on this day do puja by offering Red Cloth, Red flag, with red rose, Prasad, banana Prasad by visiting Hanuman Temple.
This festival is celebrated with great pump and Show at SALASAR DHAM a place known for Hanuman ji self bhaan Parget Hue on the Bhakti of Bhakat Mohan Dass ji. Hanuman ji can ease out all the sufferings of His Bhakat on reciting HANUMAN CHALISA-5 TIMES and SUNDAR KAAND FROM RAMYAN. Tomorrow Poornima Tithi will begin at 12.07 on 7th April and will be over by 08.04 am on 08-04-2020.
On Hanuman Jayanti get up early in the morning and worship Hanuman Ji by reciting Hanuman Chalisa and Sunder kand path. Hanuman Mantra while doing Puja “OM SHRI HANUMATE NAMHA “
Remain on Fast to have His Blessings.


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