Power of Mantras by Geeta Sandhu

Mantras are sacred words or verses when uttered create a vibration or rhythm, and energy which work as a protection of our mind body and soul! Mantras are powerful seeds, which have immense possibility, which is beyond explanation. Vaidic Mantras are derived from sacred Vedas, which are spoken by GOD himself! Each word of Vedas is a sacred hymn, the purpose of doing mantras may be varied but results of mantras are always found to be relieving.

In our mythological stories we have many instances when by chanting mantras devils also got boons for their wishes fulfilled.
Not only we Indians chant mantras but several other civilizations around the World used mantras to seek the blessings or communicate to their duties they worship.
Mantras influence the mind and body! When a positivity is created by mantras that resonates through sells of brain to calm down the negative effect of stress or any state of anxiousness due to any issues.
DOCTORS of AIIMS had a survey on to groups of people (a) Who chanted Gayatri Mantra and one who did not chant gayatri mantra. The group with chanted gayatri mantra was found with improve state of health as compared to the group which did not chant the mantra. Neuroscientists hence proved now that the sound and language on mantras influence our life! Mantras make the hyper active person cool, calm and positive which in itself a big causative method to suppress any negative effect or disease!
Mantras are deferent types, they are for protection, to win your own egos or to win others, they may be to seek something of material or spiritual value!
Mantras are often practiced wrongly then they produce no result, but when a proper method is applied to perform the mantra then it gives magical results! Not to be surprised that mantras have the power bring rain Or Lighting fire in hawan without any fuel ! mantras were frequently used to invoke lord Indra for rains and fight drought even now this practice is prevalent in many parts of India!
Mantras are purifying and they take away the evil effect of our karmic journey! Panchkashmi mantra om namah shivai is said to keep away all the physical mental troubles! Daily Chanting this mantra makes one live longer and heal from live !
Dwadashanshani mantra om namo bhagwate Vasudeva is a very power ful mantra which is having the quality to give any person his desired result ! Prosperity ,children ,wealth house anything can be obtained by enhanting this mantra ! One who does this mantra regularly his all karmas get right directions and he is worthy of all punyas in this life and after! Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram Hare Ram Hare Krishna Are the key to happiness, in all forms a direction! The effect of this mantras are incredible.
If the mantras are practiced after having gurus proper Diksha then it gives manifold benefits! Mantras change the auspiciousness in the entire area and evil energies don’t remain there! Many experiments have been done on this divine therapy by all advance countries and people turn towards our vedic mantra therapy from all western countries! One can easily find foreigners following the routine of Indian spirituality path with daily mantra, hawan, jap tap and siddhi achieving paths! Scientists home now found that even the universe also resounds the sound of DUM which is the cardinal sound of any mantra! Aum has the energy of the holi creator of the universe! It has power of healing all our chakras and infusing a mystical divine energy in our prana! Mantra world is mystical, resounding and vibrating with unknown yet reining power! One who practices knows the value and power of this valuable source of cosmic power.

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