Problems and troubles in career


Career and professional life forms one of the most important part in contemporary world. It becomes the main framework of the society organization and management. Vedic shastras base the profession on karma and Varna’s, where each action causes an equal reaction, and each human being should perform action based on the level or state of mind or what is known as Varna. Varna is further based on karma of the native, and depending on the guna of the native, he performs the certain karma, and falls into a category of particular Varna.  Varna is better seen from Veranda Lagna, yet, the house of karma is 10th house, which is known as the highest point in the sky and the strongest house in the horoscope, and the house which rules profession and karma of the native Parashara confirms it:
“Obstructions to the native’s acts will crop up, if Karma’s Lord is in fall, as both Karma Bhava and the 10th from Karma Bhava have malefic occupations”
“Predict prosperity of the Bhava, which is yuti with, or drishtied by a benefic. Also, when its Lord is in Yuva Avastha, or Prabuddh Avastha, or in Kumaravastha, or in Karm Bhava, the Bhavas well-being is indicated.”
1. We may clearly infer that the 10th house rules native’s acts-karma
2. Each planet placed there prospers and becomes very strong as per Parashara shloka
Thus, I am going to divide this work into two main parts:

  1. Focus on 10th house
  2. focus on Dasamasa, or 10th division


The importance of the TENTH HOUSE
“11. Indications of Karma Bhava. Royalty (authority), place, profession (livelihood), honor, father, living in foreign lands and debts are to be understood from Karma Bhava.”

We can clearly see that profession, livelihood and karma are seen in 10th house. Most people believe that 10th house in rasi chart will reveal the profession of the native. Even though that it may be true to some extent, Parashara has clearly stated that for particular segment of life, one should consult relevant divisional chart. So, before I move to Dasamasa and career matters, we should clarify the following points:

  1. overview of 10th house of the Rashi Chart
  2. overview of 10th house from Chandra
  3. overview of 10th house from Surya
  4. overview of other karakas
  5. overview of 10th house from Navamsa Lagna
  6. abilities from Svamsa
  7. overview of 11th from Arudha lagna
  8. The role of chara karakas- sanjay lectures on amatya and Dara karaka
  9. overview of Dasamasa chart with a link to rashi chart
  10. special Yoga’s applicable within these points


Therefore, from the 10th house of rasi chart, we cannot clearly delineate the exact type of profession. This is often misunderstood concept and jyotishis try to give the exact type of profession and business from the rasi chart only, which is almost impossible task. Let us take a few examples:
Zoran Radosavljevic
Guru and Ketu are placed in 10th house, and a person has two main focuses in career and work. One is computers (Ketu) and another teaching Jyotisha (guru). Taking into account 10th lord and other influences over 10th house, one could fairly easily come to these conclusions from the rasi chart only
Dusko Lazanski
Guru is placed in 10th house, as the same Dhanu lagna, and the same guru position in Kanya. A person is a business partner of the chart one person. He does not teach in spite of guru position in 10th house. 10th lord conjunct Ketu could imply the business with computers.
Aleksandra Paunic
Guru is placed in 10th house along with sun and mercury. A person does not teach and works with paper’s work and accountancy, which should be better seen from Ketu (accountancy) and paper work (mercury).
In all three charts, guru is in Kanya in 10th house, and only one person professionally teaches, which clearly underlines the previous statement.
The next question poses itself. What can be seen exactly from the 10th house of Rasi Chart?

  1. 10th house in the rasi chart indicates the type of karma we do, the type of activity we perform, what our karma yoga is, and how we perform the work. It shows the main pivot of our activities
  2. It is not exact nature and type of job and profession


Therefore let us briefly see the grahas in the 10th house in the previous three examples.

  1. In the first chart, there is Guru and Ketu in 10th house which is known as Prampra Yoga, so a person teaches for Jyotisha Prampra. He is knowledgeable in his work, can be at times headless in activities (Ketu), and is prone to performing good deeds (guru). This becomes the pivot of his activities.
  2. In second example, Guru alone can indicate a just native, knowledgeable, the person who performs good and socially acceptable deeds. He is good at teaching and educating, and yet his job and career has nothing to do with education and teaching which clearly supports the previous theses.
  3. In the third example, sun in 10th house gives a person who is domineering, a good organizer and manager in her work/activities. Buddha gives versatility, ability to perform a few things simultaneously, while guru indicates good and socially acceptable activities. The person has nothing to do with teaching and educating herself, which we could easily think of due to Guru-Shishya Yoga of Mercury and Guru in 10th house.

Further results on planets in 10th should be seen in classical texts as well as COVA
The role of Navamsa
Lot of classical texts such as Jatka Tatwa give results of the Navamsa depositors of grahas. Navamsa is bhagya and indicates fortune and luck. Therefore, Navamsa dispositor of 10th lord must be seen to see the fortune and luck pertaining to our work, activities, as well as the fruits of the work/karma. Many classical texts give the professional results from this planet.
Let us see the previous examples

  1. In the first example, 10th lord Buddha is placed in Mesha Navamsa and its lord mangal is placed in 11th house of rasi chart. The fortune and luck as well as the fruits of native’s efforts would come through fighting (mangal) as well as gains and supports from friends (11th house).
  2. In this chart, 10th lord is in own Navamsa (Mithuna), which focuses Buddha as Navamsa dispositor of 10th lord. Thus a person luck and fortune, as well as fruits of activities will depend on Buddha. Buddha is in 9th house in conjunction with Ketu. Due to Ketu influence, the luck is hampered till the age of 45, or until Yellow sapphire is worn. Further, the luck would come through computers, as Ketu is conjunct Buddha.
  3. In this chart 10th lord is in own Navamsa and mercury is further in 10th house. However, it is atmakaraka involved in graham yudha. Being atmakaraka, the luck would unlock and the fruits would come as soon as the person undergoes spiritual journey.
Navamsa dispositor is known as dharmesh or bhagyesh, and it shows the luck and fortune a Graha would have
Navamsa dispositor of 10th lord would give the fruits of one’s work and activities, and the luck and fortune one would have in their work, activities, karma and profession
Most Jyotisha texts relate 10th lord Navamsa dispositor to choice of work and income


Most jyotishas today gives equal weight to planetary placement counted from Moon. We cannot accept this fully, since moon remains in one sign approximately 2.5 days, which would indicate the same planetary patterns for all people born during this time on the same geographical coordinates. We all know that moon rules the mana and karma and gyana indriyas,and is thus responsible for all sensory perception of this ever-changing interaction of gunas. It acts like a mirror of the self. It is the seat of Moha, or desire which is responsible for this birth. Thus, the houses counted from moon have a lot to do with our likes/dislikes and interaction with the world around. Moon kendras would decide on the strength and guna of the mind, while moon trines would indicate its guiding principles and tatva. Kalayan Varma  has given considerable weight to 10th house counted from Moon in his immortal classic “Saravali”- chapter 33 shlokas from 7 till 82, for further reference.

  1. 10th house from Moon indicates the circumstances which will lead to work,  what will sustain your work, what you have to do to attain wealth and sustainence.
  2. 10th house from Moon additionally indicates where you will work, and what your mind will accept or not for a job. For example, you may have a few offers for a job, and this house will tell which job your mind will accept.
  3. Take the 10th lord from Moon sign and see the sign in Rasi and Navamsa. Chara sign will indicate traveling for work, sthira work in own area, while dwishabhava will indicate neither too much traveling nor staying in own place (it can indicate work related to a place which is not far)

See the following examples

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Moon is in simha, and 10th from moon is Taurus without planets. Shukra is lord and is placed in dhanu rasi and mesha navamsa. Moveable influences predominate, so he left his native India and went for teaching to the west.

Swami Vivekananda
Moon is in kanya and 10th from it is empty. Lord is Budha in moveable sign and navamsa. He also left for teaching/preaching to the west.

Nora Tolvai
Moon is in kanya and 10th from it is mituna. There are no planets in mituna, and its lord is Budha in dual sign/navamsa. The person has moved a few hundred kilometers, but within the same country.

Now, I am going to analyze the 10th from Moon from the point of choosing the career and wealth/sustainance.

In chart 1. Shukra as 10th lord is placed in 12th house with Surya and Rahu. This Yoga with aspect of Guru is known as Dakshina Murti Yoga and a person has chosen to give Diksha to many, and to teach spiritual path.
In chart 2.  Budha is lord of 10th from moon, and is placed in 2nd house of speech and mesha navamsa (mantramsha), which indicates that his mind has chosen to deliver speech/oratory. Budha placed with a benefic graham in 6th from Aruda Lagna shows totally spiritual direction in life-Pravrajya.
In chart 3. Budha is lord of 10th from Moon, and is placed in 3rd house with shukra, Budha is further exalted in navamsa. Her mind has chosen to do design and furniture career-architecture.

The role of Navamsa
As we have taken navamsa dispositor of the 10th house from Lagna, here, we shall take navamsa dispositor of the 10th lord counted from Moon.  See the previous examples:

  1. Chart one

10th lord from moon is lorded by Shukra which is placed in aries navamsa. Its lord is exalted in Lagna in rashi chart forming Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga. The person is very lucky in income and wealth
2.Chart two
Budha is lord of 10th from Moon and is placed in mesha navamsa. Mars, its lord is in own sign in 5th house in rashi chart, indicating great luck in matters related to income and wealth
3. Chart three
Budha is again lord of 10th house from Moon and is placed in own navamsa. Budha is further placed in 3rd house of rashi chart. Its placement in 3rd house and 11th from AL, indicates wealth through efforts, drawing etc The luck related to income and wealth is connected to 3rd house which is the house of efforts and fighting. Good placement of Budha is a guarantee sign for wealth

Navamsa dispositor of 10th lord counted from moon will decide on the luck in having wealth and good sustainance
Well placed Navamsa dispositor of the 10th from moon is a guarantee sign of luck and fortune in getting wealth

10th house counted from Sun has to do with bringing the work to the native. This house will show two things:

  1. Whether the work will come easily to the native
  2. Whether a person would become famous and respected

Please check the previous examples, as well as one more example:
Srila Prabhupad
In the 10th from the Sun there is Chandra mangala Yoga which would normally provide well paid jobs. However, when the 10th from the Sun is examined, DO NOT examine planets in the 10th, but 10th lord- This is very important. In this chart, 10th lord is Shukra and is placed in 6th from Arudha Lagna, forming a sadhu Yoga for renunciation (pravrajya). This indicates, renunciation of jobs.

Navamsa dispositor of 10th lord counted from Sun, will decide on the luck in getting the job, status and career.
In Srila Prabupad Chart, shukra is placed in Shani navamsa, which is exalted in 11th house of rasi chart, and 7th from Aruda Lagna. This is a clear combination for undying fame.

There are four karakas of the 10th house:

  1. Sun- status and career
  2. Mercury-learning and skills
  3. Guru-applied intelligence-dhi shakti
  4. Shani-hard work, labour

It is important to see the 10th house counted from each karaka.

  1. 10th from Sun indicates whether we will get the job or not, as well as fame and status
  2. 10th from Mercury indicates how we will apply the skills and intelligence in work/action
  3. 10th from Guru indicates how we will apply the dhi shakti in its four aspects, what is the level of wisdom and experience in our karma yoga
  4. 10th from Shani indicates whether we will be able to work hard and labour
  5. It is important that these lords are well placed in Kendra/konas. In kendras they are very strong, while in kona they support our ideals and fortune


Parasara gives clear shlokas about 10th house in Navamsa and wealth. Why is 10th house of Navamsa chart related to wealth?
If you calculate Parasari Bhava chart (equal house system), where each house is comprised of bhava Madhya plus/minus 15 degrees, and try to calculate navamsa of bhava madhyas you will see the following:

  1. Dharma Trikona bhava madhyas fall into the 1st house of Navamsa chart
  2. Artha Trikona bhava madhyas fall into the 10th house of Navamsa chart
  3. Kama Tirkona of bhava madhyas fall into the 7th house of Navamsa chart
  4. Moksha Trikona of bhava madhyas fall into the 4th house of Navamsa chart

In this way, we may deeply understand the role of Navamsa Kendras. Having this in mind, we may understand why 10th house in Navamsa chart rules wealth. Bhava mahdyas of all three artha trikona fall there. Benefics and shuba grahas, as well as exalted grahas in this house are wealth givers. Here is an example:
Mira Rodic
In this chart, Guru is placed in own sign in 10th house of Navamsa Chart. In guru mahadasa (dwisaptati sama), her wealth grew rapidly. Today, she is one of the wealthiest people in Serbia, owning huge supermarkets, hotels, properties.
For a further reference, please see my article “Yogas in Navamsa” from Puri Conference in 2004.
According to Parasara and Jaimini, inner talents are seen in trines to Navamsa Lagna and planets in conjunction with Atmakaraka Navamsa (Karakamsa)
Most of the times, people choose the career according to their inner/inborn talents and abilities. Before seeing a career, kindly examine the Navamsa trines and planets in Karakamsa.
See the example
Merima Njegomir
Moon and Sun are in trines to Navamsa Lagna. A person has a perfect melodious voice, as clearly shown by Parasara shlokas. She has normally chose the career of singer. She is one of the top and famous singer of traditional songs in Serbia.

Sometimes, people do not choose profession according to their abilities, which proves that the final say lies in Dasamsa chart, which we shall analyze later


11th house is the house of gains. Planets in this house have dhanaargala over 10th house influencing profession and karma yoga. For example, if moon is placed in 11th house, a person would often change the job/profession due to his/her desire to change the income. However, planets in 11th from Lagna indicate all gains and fulfillment of desires. Whether we will accept these gains and what will be our reaction to it, is seen in 11th from Aruda Lagna. In chapter on Arudas, Parasara has clearly given the shlokas on planets in 11th and aspecting 11th from Aruda. There is a special financial sambhanda which has been taught here in the USA, so kindly go through the previous papers.
There are also other rules about ucha/neecha grahas, which are explained in Upadesha Sutra of Pt. Sanjay Rath

There are two wonderful papers Pt. Sanjay Rath presented on the Serbia conference this summer. They are on the role of Amatya Karaka in Raja Yogas, and Darakaraka in wealth.Contrary to the popular belief that Darakaraka relates to relationships only, Parasara is clear that darakaraka is related to dhana bhava, or 2nd house. Please go through these papers.
Here is the extract from Pt. Sanjay Rath paper:

The planets can be divided into three groups based on the concept of yogi and avayogi. These are –
Group 1: Upper Class: Sun, Rähu and Mercury: All three guëa prevail. The nexus between politics (Sun), criminals (Rähu) and business (Mercury) that represent the upper class in any society. These are the enjoyers of the power and retain the same ruthlessly using all means and money to control. These three are interdependent on the other and it is necessary to identify the need of each category.
Group 2: Middle Class: Moon, Jupiter and Ketu: satva guëa dominates. Socialists or people in general (Moon), teachers (Jupiter) and spiritualists or mystics (Ketu) that rule the morality of the middle class with promises of a better life after death form the core of this group.
Group 3: Lower Class: Mars, Venus and Saturn: some rajas and mostly tamas guëa
Saturn rules all workers who are motivated by the need for gratification of desire (Venus).
Mars rules the more skilled workers who use tools and mechanisms or contraptions to do most of their work. In simpler words, these skilled workers need the implements and machines (Saturn) to do their work. Even warriors ruled by Mars need arms and weapons (Saturn) to fight.
Venus the goddess of lust and sexuality needs hungry men (Mars) to ogle at her. She complains that they have dirty eyes but chuckles inside when her gyration hypnotizes and captures the weak minds of the energetic young men.”


Dasamsa is the 10th division of rasi or sign. It is also known as “swargamsa” or the division of the swarga or heaven. In a methaphysical sense, svarga relates to svaha loka or the heaven ruled by nakshatras. This is the seat of the Devas or givers of light and knowledge. Depending on the light and knowledge a person has, he/she would perform certain action which would either lead to heaven or hell. Thus, Dasamsa theme is very beautifully described in Bhagavad Gita, where Kurukshetra is the field of karma (Kuru-karma and kshetra-field), Arjuna is symbolically portrayed by Mana, while Shri Krishna is the Atma. In this divine scripture, Arjuna or Mana is confused how to act in this field of karma, which is eternal battle of the dualities and the play of gunas. He seeks the guidance from Guru-Isa, Shri Krishna, which indicates that in this field of karma, the only guidance can come from Guru and Atma. Shri Krishna teaches Arjuna that one must not runaway from karma. If we do not fight this battle of karma we will die in infamy. That is the teaching of Bhagavad Gita. Therefore, if you wish to understand a true meaning of this varga , please go through Bhagavad Gita carefully.
Now we shall go through each house of this varga, and explain it in detail, with examples:
Lagna in this varga indicates how famous we may become due to our karma/work/profession.As you know, lagna in each varga always indicates a person in that particular area of life. During the vimsotari dasa of Lagnesha in any varga, the signification of that varga will come into a focus. If lagnesha is exalted in a good bhava, avoiding bad positions such as marana karaka etc, a person would become famous. All yogas promising fame, such as Chandra/guru in lagna/7th and other yogas given in classical texts should be examined here.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Guru is in Lagna, and Chandra is in 7th house, giving rise to a Yoga for fame
Pt. Sanjay Rath
Lagnesha is exalted in the 5th house of authority and knowledge. He is famous due to knowledge/teaching
It also very important to analyze Dig Bal of Grahas

  1. Budha and Guru are digbali in Lagna- and they may take a person towards that direction-due to their karma yoga or profession
  2. Chandra and Shukra are digbali in 4th house
  3. Shani is digbali in 7th house
  4. Surya and Mangal are digbali in 10th house
  5. For Rahu and Ketu- according to my research, the dictuem “Rahu Shani Vad and Ketu Kuja Vad” may apply

-Shani is worst placed in Lagna being Marana Karaka Sthana, except in Dhanu and Meena, where power is seen in later years of life.
– Atmakaraka well related to Lagna promises fame and status.
Lagna in d-10 chart also indicates dhi of the person and his/her ideals. Thus, if lagnesha is exalted a person is highly idealistic in his work. See the chart of Pt. Sanjay Rath.
-Any exalted graha in Lagna is favourable for status and fame

-In comparison to 10th house, lagna rules fame and status, while 10th house rules reputation and respect. Though the subtle difference, the indications are not the same. A person may be famous, but not respected, and vice-versa
– Inspite of some modern authors, this house will not indicate the profession or job a person does

Second house rules finance and financial reputation. It is Vishnu sthana, which rules sustenance. It also rules Kula or family, food and languages. If crura grahas are in 2nd house, or if 2nd lord is weak, in marana karaka sthana, a person’s financial reputation will be doubtful. People will doubt his/her financial integrity.  IF 2nd lord is strong, a person’s work will be good to many, he will be like Vishnu and sustain many. Yogas, such Hari Hara Brahma Yoga should be examined. Exalted/neecha planets may be good for wealth. Standard yogas such as Budha in 2nd and Chandra in 8th causing financial ruin should be examined. Surya in 2nd is good unless aspected by Shani etc. The rest of the rules from classics should be applied as well. Ketu is badly placed as marana karaka sthana.
See the example:
Katarina Nedeljkovic
IN this chart, 2nd lord rahu is in vrishaba in 5th house, while another second lord is Shani, atmakaraka in own sign but in marana karaka stana. After big struggles in life, In rahu mahadasa she became top lawyer for Coca Cola company for the whole Eastern Europe. Rahu is strong with Mars- Vijaya Yoga in the 5th house of knowledge and authority. She is well known as a big and deadly fighter and she has a lot of knowledge as how to fight competitors, which is the most important thing for a good lawyer. 2nd lord shani, as atmakarak has given her status and fame, in later age and after a lot of struggles. Due to Mars conjoined another 2nd lord Rahu, people doubt her financial integrity, and believe that she is prone to financial manipulations.
Pt Sanjay Rath
2nd lord is placed in marana karaka sthana. It indicates that people may doubt his financial integrity and dignity.
This house rules all kinds of communications, enterprise and short journeys. IT is 6th house counted from 10th house indicating service and back count is 8th places (short-term or leave). Therefore, this house has a lot to do with people who run away from work, giving excuses all the time. It indicates continual going on leave, those who are not prepared to work all the time-sharker. This house is 9th counted from 7th house indicating dharma of business, and the first thought of going into business. It also indicates signing contracts, which would in many cases indicate the dharma or guiding principles in business.
See the example
Rajko Dosen
3rd lord is neecha conjuct Ketu lord of 6th house. A person is always going on a sick leave (neecha surya) trying to run away from work. When 3rd lord is neecha this is often the case.

This house indicates working environment, place of work and kind of office, Shukra gives the best office, best comforts, drawing room types, nicely decorated, since it is the friend of the karaka, Budha.Sign vrishaba also gives best types of offices, the most comfortable, office like home because it is own sign of shukra. Chandra gives beautiful offices- DIgbali grahas. Sy gives good office with a lots of light, while mars gives bad type of office. Rahu is enemy of budha, so office is bad, may be a cause of big stress/shock or disease. Ketu gives construction of office You may use Jaimini sutras/Parasara swamsa shlokas- Guru- a lot of wood, etc.  Rahu/Ketu- machines/computers office etc.  Multrikona signs of planets gives the typical office types, while own signs give office like homes-grahas in own signs. If a graham is exalted, that is the type of office we prefer most, like an achievement.
4th lord indicates where we are most comfortable, where we would like to work and what kind of office we would like to get, our ultimate dream. However, we may not get it, since the 10th lord will decide where we will work. So, there must be connection between 10th lord and 4th lord, so that person would work in the place he/she feels most comfortable. This is very important. For example,If 10th lord is in 4th house, a person would work at home, in 3rd house, moving all the time. If the 10th lord is in karka, a person is excellent astrologer (brahma creation, natural home)
If the 4th lord is in marana karaka sthana, a person will always get a bad work place. However, if the 4th lord is in marana karaka stana from the 4th house, he himself will never enjoy in office, will be moving and traveling here and there, like  a travel agent.

Note the following:

  1. 4th lord indicates our ultimate dream, where we would like to work, what kind of office we would like to have and whether we would get it. 10th lord indicates where we will work
  2. If the lord of any house in dasamsa is in Marana Karaka sthana, a person will never get the fruits of that house. However, if the particular lord is in marana karaka sthana from the house in question, not lagna, a person though may get the fruit of the house will not be able to enjoy it
  3. Firstly, always examine the signs, since they indicate what you want, then planets which modify that, and then the lord, which is trying to help you get what you want. The lord indicates whether you are going to get the fruits of the house. Treat the lord of 4th house and other houses similarly.

See the examples:
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi-
4th lord is atmakaraka conjuct Rahu-multrikona, thus home is like an office of rahu. Surya Rahu aspected by Guru is daskinamurti Yoga, so he has a luck to get the comforts from his office, which is used for spiritual purposes, like ashrams etc. Surya indicates spacy places with a lot of lights, while virgo indicates nicely decorated gardens.
Rada Kocic
Guru is lord of 4th house and is placed in 10th house. 10th house indicates a place where we work, while 4th lord indicates the kind of office we would like to have. In guru dasa, shani antardasa, she moved to a larger office of her choice.
Predrag Stupar
4th lord Guru is in Marana Karaka stana, so a person can never have a good office. 10th lord is in 12th house in parivartana with Sun, which would give the effects of budha in lagna (4th house counted from 10th house). Thus, budha would act like marana karak sthana from 10th house. In case of budha, it would act badly for Gemini sign which is in 10th house. A person worked for years in Emergency-Ambulance, thus being all the time either in hospital or in the ambulance van.

It is the house of knowledge, what knowledge we have which could be used in work. It is work/karma related knowledge and authority. If guru is there, a person may have knowledge of vedanga, teaching, advice etc  It is the house of authority over other people (physical) and authority over the subject (mental). Whether we will use this knowledge is a separate issue. 5th is always related to knowledge. For example, 5th house counted from 7th house (kama pitha) indicates knowledge related to 7th house-kama, how we are learning from relationships etc. 5th lord indicates subordinates, assistants, shishyas, and how will they treat us. See the planets from the 5th house.Which grahas will bring shishyas /assistants who will continue our work.
-Any planet in 5th house is uchcha/neecha will give Raja Yoga. Neecha planets will give Raja Yoga, since they are fighting for the house, they are feeling weak and thus ready to fight. Examine 4 types of neecha and ucha bhanga and see the planets giving or taking results.
-This bhava is Shiva bhava- knowledge, it will give the highest yoga-natural sign is Simha.
-this bhava is related to investements, planning, speculation, stock trading and all future related things. It marks the beginning of Raja Yoga.
-Since it is 8th house (longevity) of 10th house, the status can rapidly change.

Therefore, graha in 5th house or 5th lord is the first choice to give a stone to for power and authority
5th lord is a wealth giver. IT is the most important graha for wealth coming from work

Parasara says that 5th and 9th lord are wealth givers. In d-10, 9th is not important for us. It is 12th counted from 10th, and this is the boss, we have to obey.
Grahas in 5th give different type of knowledge
Sy- knowledge of politics, management etc
Ch- knowledge of singing, relationships, healing and medicine with Budha
Ma-knowledge of fighting, law, agriculture and so on.

Pt Sanjay Rath
Guru is exalted with Shukra in 5th house. This gives knowledge of Jyotisha and teaching. When guru is there it means, guru will simply take you and teach you, you do not chose much. If guru is not associated with 5th house in d-10, you will have to work very hard

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Sy and Rh are in 5th house which gives a lot of knowledge on politics and political strategy. SY is atmakarak, so there is the highest knowledge of Atma, apart from Dakshina Murti Yoga, which gives knowledge to give moksha to others.

Swami Vivekanada
Budha is in 5th in dhanu, a lot of knowledge in dharma, knowledge of lecturing and communication is seen. Budha rule 2nd house where atmakaraka is placed.

Shukra is placed in 5th house in own sign as 10th lord. This is perfect Raja Yoga, and there is a lot of knowledge and authority in entertainment. She is a top entertainer and very wealthy person. Shukra is in Taurus own sign, which makes her feel at home in such areas.

This is the house of work, and service. This house indicates for whom, for which and when you will work and labour. If Surya is there, you will work for politics, status, career. Ch- biroucracy, Ma- army, Gu- law, teaching, Bu-business, commerce, accountancy etc, Sk-art and poetry, private sector etc.
6th lord indicates who serves you, the nature of people who will serve you. IF it is Budha, students/shishyas will serve you, Sk- women etc. Karaka for service is Shani, so it is very important to see the relationships of other grahas with shani. Whether the graham support shani (service) or shukra (business). 3rd house is 10th from 6th and 9th from 7th. Planets in 3rd house can either support service or business. If they are friendly towards Shani, they will support service, if they are friendly towards shukra they will support business. For example, Guru is marana karaka in 3rd house, and it is inimical towards Shukra. So he will destroy business. If grahas in 7th house are inimical towards shukra, they will want to destroy business and promote service. 7th lord and 12th lord are marakesh towards 6th house, and they may destroy service.
Veselin Bojat
6th lord is Guru and is neecha conjunct Chandra and aspected by budha, in 7th house. A person is a doctor which is clearly shown by budha/Chandra combination. Due to strong 7th house, he is also having private sector business in medical science.

The strongest planets in trines to 6th house may decide on the type of work and service

This is the house of business, and place of business. Seventh lord indicates how we do business, and planets ruling 7th house indicates in which items we do business with. Grahas in 7th house indicates how many business we have. Rashi dristi may also indicates additional businesses, if grahas are well placed, while graham dristis indicates businesses we desire, but we may or may not fructify. Planets conjoined 7th lord may indicate business we sometimes wish to do.
Each planet in 7th house may give business in karakatvas ruled by it. For example, Chandra may give business with food, while Shukra may give business with clothes, fine items etc.

It is important that planets placed in 7th house are supporting shukra karaka for business. If shani/mars (marana) are placed in 7th house, they will always want to ruin the business. Further, 6th lord in 7th house is also not supportive for business.

Business partners are seen from 7th lord and Arudha of 7th house.

Mirjan Milivojev

6th lord Guru is placed in 7th house, which is conducive to service. Ketu is in multrikona sign in 6th house. Ketu rules constructions, computers etc. Shani is in 3rd house supporting service. Ketu kuja vad- and ketu is akin to Mangal. A person works as an engineer (involving also a lot of computer work) for an oil company (ketu rules vrischika- things in the bowel of earth). However, please mark Chandra in 7th house. This gives additional business with food/restaurant.

This house rules  retirement, loss of job. This is the 3rd house counted from 6th house of service, thus indicating the end of life (3rd) to service (6th). Only shani, karaka for service can promote service here. Benefics or shubas are good here, and they promote business. UChcha planets are good here, even malefics, since they will give the loans, and destroy it (pay it back). This house rules inheritance, loans, and can give inheritance for elders. Budha particularly gives inheritance of business, surya can give political inheritance. Ketu is bad here, since there can be mistakes in taking loans, however ketu here forms Kundhalini Yoga and is excellent for occults studies/research, which this house also indicates.

This house is the Randra House, and there is no graham which is best placed here

Bogdan Rodic
Budha is placed in 8th house as lagnesha. Shani in 7th house would normally destroy business, however 7th lord is Guru and is placed in lagna. Guru in lagna destroyes service, being placed in 8th from it. Guru/Chandra destroy the house, from which they are placed in 8th. A person inherited huge business.

Zoran Radosavljevic
Lagnesha Shukra is placed in 8th house in dhanu, while guru is placed in 5th house of knowledge. This clearly indicates teaching occult subject, research etc in jyotisha. SHukra as benefic graham clearly indicates business, by its argala over 7th house. 7th house is ruled by two grahas, ketu and mangal. A person has a business with computers (ketu), and business with books, languages (mangal in 2nd house in mituna)

This is the house of guru, father, and boss. It rules independent work, because it is the house of freedom. It indicates signing contracts (your business partner is signing). It gives the nature of the boss, his/her attitude. If lagnesha is in 9th house, a person is of independent nature and will naver want to work under anybody. In that cases, always examine the chances for independent business.

Zorica Dragovic
Surya is in 6th house indicates work for government, while 6th lord is Mars and is placed in 8th house in exaltation with venus in 8th house as 12th and 5th lord.  She worked in police (homicide) department, which is indicated by Rudra Yoga of Mars and Venus in 8th house, and sun (government) in 6th house. In Ketu dasa, budha antardasa, she lost a job due to machinations of boss. Ketu is placed in 9th house of boss, and there are two lords, shani and rahu. Therefore, there were two bosses, one male (rahu in simha) and another female (shani in kanya).  From six lord both ketu and budha are marana karaka sthana places, explaining the loss of job. Rahu in simha indicates political boss, who turned into a mighty enemy. Rahu is placed in 8th house counted from 6th lord.

Tenth house is a Raja Yoga place. It indicates our reputation and respect, the place where we work, and the things we would like to work. For example, if the 10th lord is exalted a person has a lot of reputation. If it is debilitated, low reputation is indicated. If budha is placed in 10th house, a person would like to write, Guru, to teach etc. Each well placed planet in 10th house will signify Raja Yoga. We will  continue with an activities of the 10th house even after death, this house being the karya house of Swargamsa. The tenth lord will indicate whether we will get a good reputation and fulfill our karma Yoga. If it is in 1/2nd simhasan Yoga is there and a person would sit on the throne. This house has been explained in COVA in detail, so please go through it. Further, Serbian conference from 2004, gives a lot of explanation of that house in the paper of Pt. Sanjay Rath.
Thus I will give only one example:
Pt. Sanjay Rath
Budha is placed in 10th house, so a person likes to write, lecture and publish. Budha is further 7th lord, so a person runs saggitarius publications (budha is in dhanu). 10th lord is in exaltation in 5th house of authority and knowledge, so a person is respected as an knowledgeable jyotisha. In Budha dasa, Raja Yoga took place.

This house rules gains, money available for business, investments, the final decision whether we will enter business. IT indicates wealth of the partner, his/her authority, friends and those who serve you (sixth from the sixth). It promotes work. This house rules realization of hopes and desires, and 11th lord will try to do that.

Milan Rodic
Shukra is placed in 11th house promoting business (in trines to 7th house). Shukra rules 5th and 12th house, giving wealth (5th lord). As a 12th lord it will destroy service. Shukra is pitrukaraka and its dispositor Mars is placed in 9th house in parivarthana with Rahu. During the Ketu-SHukra, his father died, and he became the boss of business. He served his father- Mars and Rahu in Parivarthana, in 6th and 9th houses, and in Shukra antardasa, his income rapidly increased, and he became the boss (his hopes were fulfilled)

This house indicates long live, such as foreign places. It indicates the end of service (maraka to 6th) and expansion of business (6th from 7th). It is the natural exaltation place of shukra. It also may indicate secret service, foreign trade, sales, and all jobs connected to foreigners. It further rules hospitals and such areas.

Predrag Stupar
The person worked as a doctor in hospital (emergency –ambulance), and in Chandra antardasa he got a job for foreign pharmaceutical company. Chandra is in 6th house of service, while shani is placed in 12th house of foreign places. In this chart 12th house is very prounced.

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