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Relation of Rahu or Ketu with any planet in the partner’s chart shows karmic bondage between partners, is it good or bad and life of relationship. Follow the following step:-

  • See in which sign in your chart Rahu and Ketu are. Now check for the planets following your Rahu or Ketu in your partner’ chart or in Kendra/trines to Rahu and Ketu.
  • Also check planets in your chart following Rahu and Ketu of your partner.
  • Also check the degrees of Rahu and Ketu. From these planets we will know about the quality and quantity of karmic bondage between partners and hence age of relationship that will be required to complete that karma.
  • So interlinking of theses planets will show how long the stay between partners will be, to complete the karma.
  • You can check it in any relationship between friends ,lovers, partners and children’s etc.
  • Ketu shows the past karma that is to be resolved and Rahu shows the future Karma. If Rahu combines with the planet then we get more and we get less if Ketu combines with the planet.
  • Sat of Male follows the Rahu of Female:-  Rahu is an magnifying planet if it conducts Partner’s Sat (i.e.in case of female Rahu is in Aries and male has Sat in Aries.) it will bring more and more energy of Sat in your life, Sat is an difficult planet, it is planet of hard work, obstacles  difficulties, discipline, criticism, in the long term relationship you will not like these things, your every work will be judged and criticised.Every thing you do is judged and criticized sometimes even if person is not like that but you have to resolve those difficulties and obstacles. Negative.
  • Rahu of Male follows Sat of Female:- In this case also relation is negative, male and female does not matter, because more and more Sat’s energy enters in life which means enduring, discipline, hard work etc. So life does not remain easy.

Friend or Boss.
But if you meet an friend or boss, whose Sat follows your Rahu. It will be very good friendship when Sat of friend is on your Rahu. Positive quality of Sat  it is planet of discipline and of self control,So friend will teach you great many lessons of self-control, discipline, hard work and you will also learn how to resolve the difficulties. Both can learn but resentment also grows with time.

Conclusion:- Good to learn but not for long term relationship.

Ketu of Female With Sat of Male:-Ketu is an planet who ends the karma in the past life, it means in the past lives you have resentment with this person. May we you have been put in situations where you have to overcome difficulties in the past lives. Initially when you meet this Sat will be brought up to the surface, may be year or few months, resentment will be felt in relationship. Sat properties will be very strong in relationship, resentment, detachment  and coldness will be quite felt in relationship and this topic of overcoming difficulties, discipline ans self-control will be quite dominant in relationship. But you will overcome this soon and this relationship will become more and more smooth with time. So you will like this in long term relationship i.e. marriage etc.

Conclusion :- Good in bothe ways may be Sat or Ketu of female or male in marriage/

Rahu of Male with Mar of female and Vice Versa:- It is an another difficult planet, it will bring Mar more and more in your life. You might become more and more intolerant to each other.You will argue more and more.More and more anguish and frustrated to each other. You may have more battles in relationship which are good in some situations if you have business together, Mar energy is very ambitious and competitive, But it is not desirable in long term relationship. Because sooner or later one will get tired up with this constant arguing, frustration etc. More energy comes in your life you have to fight more court cases. Lot of battles and there will be lot of competition with your spouse. It may be good in partners where you have to do business and install some project etc. Energy of Mar will be magnified, they will be more competitive and ability to succeed in ventures and different projects. They can climb mountain together for that angle this combination is great but not for long term relationship marriage etc.

Conclusion :-  Good between partners but not in long term relationship.

Ketu of Female with Mar of Male and Vice Versa:- It is positive in long term relationship.In the past life you have lot of Karma to fight together wether you were siblings,neighboure etc you have come together in this life to complete your pending.Initialy this relationship may be aggressive,too much Mar energy it is like war but more you are together less it becomes, actualy this Mar enegy will go out from your relationship slowly and slowly.Initialy if the person is very angry and outside of home but later on he will reduce the anger and comeback home.Ketu of the person will diminish the energy of Mar.Initialy you will be argumentive and angry because you will pick up the relation where you have left in the past life but slowly you will get out of these argumentation and agressiveness.With time relation will be better and better energy of Mar will be diminished completely one day.You will help the partner to rissolve anger.

Conclusion:- Negative initialy and becomes positive with time.

Sun of Male in the sighn of Rahu of Female:-  Sun is masculine planet,it is planet of inspiration, it shows your highest quality.It shows most king type of quality you can represent.

  • When a female meets an male whose Sun follows her Rahu,then she is fascinated by that person.Rahu wants  “ To suck these beautifull qualties of Sun.”
  • She looks on that person like Hero, that person is always inspirable for her.It is an positive relation,Sun gives more and more genoristy,it shines more and more light.It gives,gives and gives and does not ask any thing in return.
  • Female is receiving and Female is always happy when she receives.Women is un-happy when she has to give in relationship except love.This relationship can last for long time when the fascination is strong.
  • Women wants to suck more and more of the beautifull quality of Man.Whatever quality of Sun, gays has she makes him to show more and more of these qualities and brings this qulity out of that gay more and more and sucks these qualties and she is very happy.Rahu is like hook here she will not allow to get out of it.

Coclusion:- An positive relation.

Rahu of Male in the Sighn of Sun of Female:-  Male will still be fascinated by Solar quality of female, but in love and long term relationship this is not positive .

  • Because slowly and slowly male will not like the initiative and authoratative and king like behaviour of his wife.Male do not like this boss type behaviour in relationship.
  • When women is like leader male feels less and less respected. Initaly it is very strong binding but later on Male do not like this.Mascculine planet in female chart creates frustration in relationship. Women is inspiring the gay all the time.

Coclusion :-  Negative relation

Ketu of Male Follows Sun of Female:-  It is positive relationship because Masculine quality of Sun of female will be limted by Ketu.Women is happy nurturing.It promises longer connection between the two.

Sun of Male follow Ketu of Female:- It is Negative for relationship because Ketu of female hides the Solar qualities of Male which not are all liked by the Male.

  • Male feels less dignified and less authorative figure,less inspiring person.Remember initialy they are atracted magneticaly because they have past life connection.In past life they may be husband wife or master servant relationship. Connection was very bonded one realy aspecting the other. One helped the other to develop the solar qualities.
  • Initialy female with Ketu will strongly drawn toward male with Sun,because surely they have past life history together, but later on she will start disregarding the Solar qualities of male. As a result male will feel disrespected.

Rahu of Male Follows Moon of Female :-  It is extremely Positive relationship,Moon is the female quality in women nurturing, caring, loving and showing emotions being femine.

  • When Male Rahu joins Female Moon in same sighn she will show these femine quality more and more.She will be more nurturing an perfect Mother,She will be fascinated by showing these famine qualties and male with Rahu in same sighn will help her to get these qualities out of her more and more.

Conclusion:- Very positive relation.

Ketu of Male Follows Moon of Female :-  Initialty they are attracted magneticaly,they have past lives connections,either she was mother and there was mother child relationship or they are husband and wife or she has some kind of nurturing and caring relation with the man in past lives. These qulities developed too much in past lives between them.

  • When they meet, they immediately feel they met the “ Soul Mate”.They feel they meet some-one known forever and were so much familiar  from so many last lives.
  • With time ,she will give less femine quality like caring, nurturing,being responsive to him. She will reduce listening him and nurturing will be reduced considerably.She will reduce being responsive to him. She will reduce the respect for feelings and emotion will also be get diminished.

Conclusion:- This relation is not good,we do not want this relation.

Moon of Male Follows Rahu of Female:- It can be positive or negative.

  • It is positive when Moon of the man is growing and negative when Moon of the Male is declining.So waxing Moon is positive and waning Moon is neagative.
  • There is great fascination to each other again,when they see each other they are so intense, overpowering passion and emotions.Wehter male Moon or Rahu ,intensity of relation is very strong and fascinating.
  • When Moon of female is with Rahu of Male then the relation is very positive.
  • When Moon of Male is with Rahu of female the relation depends upon wether the Moon is Waxing or Waning.

Moon of Male follows Ketu of Female :- It can be positive depending upon waxing or waning Moon.As usual immediately they feel very strong connection,all the four combination of Moon and nodes are very strong.

  • When you see in the horoscope it is soul mate relations.Long term may be positive or nagative but initialy they are strongly drawn to each other.

Male                Female

Rahu                Moon            ++
Moon               Rahu              + or –
Ketu                Moon              –
Moon               Ket                + or –

Venuse of Female joins Rahu of male or Vice Versa.:-  It is always Positive,Venuse is a planet of Sex and love,more you stay together more  affection, more enjoyment of sensual pleasure, more enjoyment of sex  and love will be there.There will more enjoyment of sexual pleasure. There will not be any argument ,Venuse is planet of harmony and beauty.Your partner will teach you about harmony  beauty , peace and  sensual pleasure you will also teach same in reverse.There will more and more love between you.

Venuse of Male With Ketu of Female:- This is Negatve relation,Venuse is wife,when Venuse of some-one joins with Ketu, the native was his wife in the last birth.So they have love and affection to each other,initialy they are strongly drawn to each other.There is sense of comfortness,sense of familiarity, sense of meeting with soul mate. Their love is strong,their sexual intimacy is strong, their affection is strong but it becomess less and less with time.Actualy they are finishing the relationship by resolving the pending Karma.

With time they will have less ans less sex,less ans less love,less and less affection and comfotableness.They can live just like friendly other than passion or love etc.Because passion decreases with time.

So Venuse is good with Rahu not with ketu.

Mer of Male with Rahu of Female and Vice Versa.:- Mer is planet of Fun, Having same enjoyment,entertainment and communication.When Rahu is with Mer they will get more and more energy of Mer.They will enjoy more of the same thing,more of the same hobbies,they will teach each other about new hobbies.They will have great understanding and communication , fun and playing of games.They will tech you about new skills and ways of entertainment. Rahu and Mer peron will teach new skills in life.

Conclusion:- Positive

Mer of Male with Ketu of female and ViceVersa:- Initialy you will have lot of common interest,lot of better understanding and communication,but it will become less and less with time.This excitement and interest within reduces little by little with time.It fizzles out and even they stop talking after sometime.Less and less fun and common interest with time.
Conclusion:- Negative

Jup Of Male with Rahu of Female and Vice Versa:-  Jup is planet of intelligency and happiness,mutual philosphy and understanding of life.It is great and you are getting more and more happiness in life when you have this combination.Jup person can be teacher of the person with Rahu.They can develop together when they stay to gether,more they will be together more they will have similar understanding of life.How the life should be lived they will be able to understand when they will live together. Jup is planet of higher meaning,when you have this combination you are meant to be together.

Person with Rahu learn lot from the person with Jup.When you will have higher understanding and higher meaning of life you will have lot of peace within.
With long stay your mutual agenda could be children,because Jup is also children.You might be together to bring children in this world.Peoples without this combination also could have children,but peoples with this combination will have their common agenda of children. These peoples develop higher ability to understand the world.

Coclusion :- Very Positive Ralation.

Jup of Male with Ketu of Female And Vice Vaersa:- It is an negative relation,it shows one of the person may be the child of other one.Or they have teacher student connection.When they meet intialy they have lot of similar philosphy and understanding,It is not a difficult position actualy they get less and less with time.

Asc with Rahu male or female:-  It is Extremely Positive this is an indication that this relation will be long lasting.They will stay together for long time in life.

Asc with Ketu Male or Female:-  Initialy it is an very strong connection,extremelystrong  connection, it is sure they were together in past life.When they meet again they recognise themselves immediately.It is an strong indication of initial connection.Slowly the attraction goes down they will feel start boring in each of the company,So it is not an positive relation.



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