Vastu Tips for Wealth

 The nature has five elements FIRE, WATER, EART, SPACE, and AIR. Everything is made up of these five elements. The earth is the only planet that supports Life and Nature. So it is extremely important that our life should be in complete harmonization with these five elements. Then there is no reason that the life on the earth will be easy and full of opportunities.   

 Wealth is one of the most important part of our  livelihood. Who does not want wealth? Financial constrain sometime bring a lot  of stress in our life. Vastu is one of the science which can help and keep finances  flowing smoothly. Vastu principle can help archiving and maintaining the peace  and prosperity at home, office and commercial establishments.

 The followings are some very favorable tips for wealth and success.

Main Door.

Outside the main door, there is all kinds of good and bad energy flowing from all directions but inside our main door, we feel safe and secure. So this is of utmost necessity that no bad energy should enter the house from this door to disturb the harmony of our place. 

Thus it should be free and clear and there should not be shoes and slippers dispersed around the main door of the house thus it should be clear and free. Energy entering with negativities will result in losses. Hence the main door should be beautiful and free from hindrances and clutters.  

It should be decorated with small beautiful plants on both sides of the main doors, with a beautiful name plate of the owner, etc.  

Living Room. 

The living room is the area where we spend most of our day time. It should be well decorated. Vastu application in this area is most urgent as this ultimately helps bring the money with positive vibes from all the family members.

We can put a mirror in north or east direction  to enhance the energy of living room.

Place some water feature small  fountain, or fish aquarium in east, north-east or north direction. 

The south wall of the living room  should have picture of owner with red border which will be a great help in  achieving name fame and our all prosperity. 

The west direction can have wind  chime to help cleansing the bad energy. Overall balancing the energies of  living room is can act as catalyst in wealth creation.

Bed room.

Bed is another area where we spend 40-50% time of our  life. So if we adopt some Vastu in our bed room it can be a big advantage to  attract wealth in our life. <

Bed should be of wood.

As per Vastu, the sleeping position in the master bedroom is  either the South or the West. The bed should be placed against the wall in the  South or the West so that your legs point towards the north or the east when  you lie.

The shape of bed room should be either square or rectangular. This will help  attract wealth and relationship between the couple will remain sweet and their understand  with each other will be great, together they will grow and achieve their targets  in life. 

Almhirh and lockers

We keep Almirah and locker in our office where we keep  our money/ currency in safe custody. Care to be taken that the placement of  Almirah or locker where we keep our money. It placement should be in South or West.  The money kept in this direction attract more money and there will not be  shortage of money. Make sure that direction and the door of Almrah should toward  East or North direction, means they should open toward East or North direction.  &nbsp;A need to be keep in mind that never  keep Almirah or safe under a beam it can be reason you your financial  instability. 

Kitchen Area.

This is the area where the lady of  our home spent most of her time. We need to take care of some important things  in this area and it will help to attract the wealth more. Remove unused items  form the kitchen to your storage, there should not be spider&rsquo;s webs and the  kitchen should be clean. Especially when we close it in night before going to  bed.

 Toilet Area.

Make sure that taps of bathroom or  kitchen do not drip. The constant drip creates negative energy. Dripping taps  signifies leakage of wealth. 

Blocked plumbing specifies blocked  financial energy somewhere in the life of the native. Clear all drain points so  that there is proper out flow of wastewater. 

Do not locate toilet near the main entrance. Toilets generate negative energy, which will interfere with the  positive energy entering though the main door

Some more small tips.

Laughing Budha help in attracting the money, which we all wanting. The placement of laughing Budha is at the entrance face toward our entrance  door.

Bamboo plants symbolize long life and Income. It helps removing the negativity form your house and bring positivity ultimately help attracting  money. </li>

Wind chimes. We all like the sound of wind chime but there is purpose  behind the sound that it removes negative energy for the house like the bell of  Temple or Church and attracts wealth.

Artificial money bowl. It attracts income and prosperity.